Hilarious article from a depressed Browns fans

Geoff LaTulippe (that’s not him above) writes an article about being a Browns fan that most of us can relate to. It’s heartbreaking and hilarious and pathetic all at the same time. At least he gets in some great shots about our division rivals . . . .

Pittsburgh: America’s crotch. Literally one of the worst cities on the planet. Full of toothless mountain people. Looks from above as if someone decided, “You know what I’m going to do? Cut out a huge chunk of one of the worst sections of Eastern Europe and drop it in the middle of Pennsylvanian Appalachia.” At the end of the day, the Cleveland Browns suck, but at least we’re not from Pittsburgh.

Baltimore: A city of hypocrites and degenerates. Cried (rightfully) for nearly a decade and a half, not just about losing the Colts, but about how they lost them and then accepted another team stolen under eerily similar pretenses and jackassedly supported it with nary a peep. Hang your head in shame, Baltimore.

Cincinnati: It’s Cincinnati. I don’t have the heart to say more than that. I can’t even hate the place. It’s Cincinnati.

Up against those three, Cleveland is like a bright, shining Metropolis of the Future. All we ever did was set our river on fire. Remember, we had Jim Brown. And then there’s the whole existence of Skyline Chili. I’m telling you, Cleveland things could be worse.

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