LeBron is back

The press is noticing what everyone in Cleveland already knows. After an early season slumber, LeBron James is back, playing like the dominant player he should be. He has even stopped kissing his wrists when he goes to the foul line.

Here’s Bill Simmons, who was one of many writers ripping LeBron a couple of months ago:

Ever since LeBron James decided to start breaking a sweat after the All-Star break, the Cavaliers fans have been sending me these “LeBron is shoving it in your face!” e-mails. Look, I’m GLAD he’s playing hard. My original point was that, if he kept going at his pre-All-Star pace and didn’t start giving a crap, the whole “What’s wrong with LeBron?” subplot would have become the dominant story of the season. And yesterday’s well-done ESPN.com feature by Brian Windhorst tackles that very point. The fact remains, the Global Icon was on cruise control for three months of a six-month season. I don’t know how this is a good thing.

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