Browns deal Droughns

Trading Reuben Droughns makes sense now that we have Jamal Lewis.

This is definitely an upgrade at the tailback position. If Lewis is healthy, the Browns will have a legitimate offense next season, especially if they add another lineman as everyone expects. It’s hard to warm up to the former Raven, but he can be a force and he’s only 27 years old. Having bone spurs removed from his ankle could set him up for a big year. He’s also the punishing kind of runner that helps in our physical division.

I have no idea if this will affect the draft. Lewis has a one-year deal, so this should not prevent them from drafting Peterson. Also, if they’re serious about looking at Brady Quinn, adding someone like Lewis will give the offense a running identity while they groom Quinn for the future.

My preference right now would be Peterson, then Joe Thomas if he’s available, then trading down. I don’t want them to go with Quinn at #3.

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