Grossi speculates that Browns might cut Droughns

Tony Grossi provides some info that might help explain the Browns’ strategy:

Droughns is due a $1.75 million roster bonus on March 17. He also is due a $1.25 million base salary, which means he is a $3 million player if the Browns keep him.

That might have been the figure that Lewis agreed to. He had a standing offer of between $1.5 million and $2 million on the table from the Ravens.

So the Browns might be thinking that they are better off replacing Droughns, whom they have severely soured on, with Browns-killer Lewis for one year. That might not interfere with plans to take Oklahoma running back Adrian Peterson with their first pick in the draft.

He also says that the Browns are determined to feature two backs next season, so it’s still very possible that they will take Peterson.

Terry Pluto calls the move a wise gamble.

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