Tressel speaks….Carr whines

Jim Tressel, the Ohio State football coach, complimented the Florida Gators and Michigan Wolverines when he chose not to vote in the final polls. Tressel stated it wouldn’t be fair for the Buckeyes to cast a vote one way or the other.

Lloyd Carr, Michigan football coach, called this move “slick” in a statement today. I have finally figured this out. LLOYD CARR IS A POOR LOSER. He’s a “bad” game day coach and “cry baby” when he loses. The University of Michigan is a successful program that’s going through some tough times against their arch rival.

Carr should be concerned about beating the USC Trojans and attracting star recruits to Michigan. Instead, he’s whining about how Tressel didn’t vote in the BCS. This is truly just another reason why Ohio State will find a way to continue beating “that team up North”.

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