Crennel needs to go…NOW

The Cleveland Browns are an embarrassment to the city of Cleveland. Today, the Browns didnít even show up for the inner state rivalry game against the Cincinnati Bengals. We can complain about Charlie Frye not having the talent, Braylon Edwards not shutting his mouth, or the offensive line not blocking. The bottom line is Romeo Crennel needs to be FIRED.

I know everyone is tired of new coaches, new players, and new management, but Crennelís style is not working for this organization. Phil Savage promised this city a new image. The current image is the worst itís been since the return of the Browns.

I have said this since Modell and his backstabbing group left town. We need a coach that ďgets in face of playersĒ when they donít listen. This teams needs discipline and a WE attitude. I refuse to wait till the end of the year to fix this problem. This city and fans deserve changes NOW and the first should be the FIRING OF ROMEO CRENNEL.

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