Browns lay an egg

The Browns got completely embarassed and humiliated in front of their home crowd, losing 30-0 Sunday to the Bengals. Charlie Frye threw four picks and nothing went right for the Browns all day long in one of the worst games I’ve ever seen. Things got off on the wrong foot right from the opening kickoff when Joshua Cribba took it to the hosue, only to be called back on a holding call.

To make matters worse, Braylon Edwards continues to show his prima donna, T.O immaturity by shoving Frye on the sidelines at one point during the second half. The team showed absolutley no passion or excitement and looked like they still hadn’t recovered from last week’s close call to Pittsburgh. I’m sure plenty of storylines will develop over the next few days regarding Edwards, Frye, Crennel, and the extreme disappointment with the entire organization.

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