Cavs need to win like champions

The Cleveland Cavaliers beat the Memphis Grizzlies Tuesday night 97-94 after leading most the of the game by at least 20. As I watched the game, it became very evident the Cavaliers don’t have that “put them away” instinct.

Cleveland will never be a championship team if they can’t put a team away when they’re down. If the Cavaliers would have blown this game, a black cloud would be above them early in the season. Terry Pluto writes and interesting article on the Cavs inability to finish a game.

My opinion is that LeBron James, not just Mike Brown, must lead this charge. The NBA is a game of momentum and James needs to learn to take advantage of it. If Michael Jordon was leading by 20 at home, you could go grab a beer and listen to the “fat lady sing”. The Cavaliers and James are slowing changing the face of Cleveland basketball, now they need to show everyone they have what it takes to be a champion.

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