Smith still leading the Heisman, or is he?

The Heisman Trophy race just got a little closer, in some people eyes. I still believe Troy Smith has proven this whole season that he deserves the trophy. I really think the media and fans need to understand that Notre Dame and Brady Quinn are throwing the ball 30-40 times a game. The Heisman winner needs to go to a complete player. A player that can put up solid statistics, and do what the team needs to win.

Troy Smith has passed, run and lead his team to victories in Texas, Iowa and at home against Penn State in the rain. This is why the trophy is still his to lose. Smith is a complete team player and more worried about winning than padding his statistics. Coach Jim Tressel, unlike Notre Dame coach Charlie Weis, is not willing to pass the ball and run up the score for his players statistics. I hope the voters remember the importance of a “team player” when voting for the Heisman winner.

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