James thinks new ball is a “joke”

The National Basketball Association decided to change basketballs this season. Spalding has been working for years on this new ball and the two decided this was the year to use it. A number of superstars spoke out early, complaining that the ball was too different. Shaquille O’Neal was the most vocal, stating the ball “didn’t feel good”.

LeBron James was open to the change and said the new ball may take some time to get use to. It’s been one week and James has seen enough. He said the ball was inconsistent and hard to get a feel for it. James went as far as to compare it to a “gift for a kid”. The NBA needs to listen to the players and return to the “old” ball. The NBA has made some positive changes this season; this wouldn’t be one of them. David Stern needs to step up, swallow his pride, and listen to the superstars this time.

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