Get ready for Buckeye hoops!

OSU football has been great, but we might have a fantastic basketball season ahead of us as well. Thad Matta answered some questions about the upcoming season and the health of freshman big man Greg Oden:

How are you going to manage a small roster and all these young guys?

“I think if you crawl inside my mind right now, there’s a huge question mark. There are so many unknowns with one starter returning, that I honestly don’t know. And with Greg’s situation, I don’t have a road map, where last year I felt like I knew the guys well, I knew what they were capable of. This year, it’s going to hopefully be trial and success, not trial and error, but in my mind going into this I know that there’s a lot of areas that we need to be tested on early to sort of gauge where this team can go and how we can get there.”

What’s the latest with Greg?

“He is doing well. The doctors are very pleased with his progress. As far as a timetable, there really isn’t one. He’s getting better, he’s getting more movement, but we still don’t know. I told Greg this – we’re never going to put him at risk. But it’s more of wait and see.”

Let’s hope Oden gets back early.

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