Wedge should be replaced

The Cleveland Indians finished the season on a high, but useless note. The Indians started this year with tons of promise and expectations. The fans watched helplessly as manager Eric Wedge, coached this team out of contention.

I believe Wedge is a poor judge of talent and a bad game day coach. Last year, we watched as the Tribe refused to bunt and advance runners and the playoffs slipped away from them. This year, we managed to eliminate the playoffs early and turned 2006 into a rebuilding season.

I do understand that General Manager Mark Shapiro and the Dolanís tight wallets should receive some of the blame, but this team still has the players to make a run for the pennant.

Iím sure some fans will debate this point. I just want you to answer one simple question. Should the Indians have been in the playoffs one of the last two seasons?

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