Next several weeks critical for Crennel

The Browns are dealing with a lot of issues right now and how the next month or so progresses could ultimately decide whether or not head coach Romeo Crennel is suitable for such a role. Crennel is in his second season in the transition from defensive coordinator to head coach. From injuries to an inept offense and bad defense, Crennel has plenty of problems to solve with this team. Add those to the most recent comments of Kellen Winslow. Romeo has yet to show the true leadership that is needed in a successful head coach. The effectiveness of coaches is often determined by how the coach handles adversity and how he gets his team through tough times.

The Browns clearly are in some difficult circumstances and it will up to Crennel to dig his team out from their hole and steer them in the right direction. Eight weeks from now, if the Browns still haven’t shown any signs of improvement and continue to look like a Division-IV college football team, then Crennel will serious start to feel the heat.

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