Browns acquire Fraley; Suggs among cuts

The Browns are at it again in their attempt to find a viable center. They traded an undisclosed 2008 draft pick for Eagles’ center Hank Fraley. The six-year veteran will compete with Lennie Friedman for the starting job, one that really needs to be decided soon.

The fact that we still haven’t decided on a starting center yet is seriously concerning. The number of centers the Browns have gone through so far can now be counted on two hands. You can thank Bob Hallen for that. They are nearing Week 1 of the regular season and the Browns are still “competing” for the starting center postion, perhaps the most important on the offensive line. The Browns need continuity on the line and auditioning a different center every week isn’t helping matters. I realize the Bentley injury and Hallen going AWOL put the organization in a bind, but it would be in the best interest of the offensive line and Charlie Frye to find a center and stick to one to build chemistry. Let’s hope Fraley, whose name has been popping up in trade rumors all preseason, is the guy and the center fiasco can settle down once and for all.

Finally, the Browns formulated their 53-man roster. Perhaps the most recognizable players cut were RB Lee Suggs, WR Frisman Jackson, and C Ross Tucker. William Green was placed on the injured reserve list and will spend the rest of the season there unless the team can reach a settlement with him which will allow him to then become a free agent.

The Browns also waived NT Babatunde Oshinowo, a 2006 sixth-round pick, and their final three 2005 draft picks: Speegle, OG Andrew Hoffman and OT Jonathan Dunn.

The Browns also waived WR Kendrick Mosley, FB Corey McIntyre, OL Dave Yovanovits, LB Justin Kurpeikis, TE John Owens, CB Therrian Fontenot, DE Darrell Campbell and four undrafted rookies, C Rob Smith, CB Jereme Perry, S Andrew Pace and QB Darrell Hackney.

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