Bryant is impressing in San Francisco

Former Browns wide receiver Antonio Bryant is feeling comfortable with his new team, the San Francisco 49ers, and is starting to develop a strong relationship with his new quarterback, Alex Smith.

The chemistry brewing between Smith and Bryant this camp seems to be the start of something special. As the days go by, Smith has found Bryant more and more down the field which was the 49ers plan this off-season when they went looking for playmakers in free agency.

“Absolutely, he’s a go-to guy,” said Smith. “He’s a guy who is going to compete for you, get open, be in the right spot, work for you when the ball is in the air. That’s very reassuring as a quarterback.”

Bryant sums it up by using one of his ever ready analogies.

“When When Mike (Jordan) got in a jam, the first person he looked to dish it to was (Scottie) Pippen,” said Bryant. “I feel like I’m Alex’s Pippen.”

With his abilities, Bryant possesses the characteristics that coaches want in a playmaking receiver. With Romeo Crennel’s philosophy of building a team with character as well as talent, the Browns chose not to re-sign him in the off-season. Bryant has always carried a bit of a temper with him wherever he has gone and Crennel wanted to eliminate that, even though Antonio had the best numbers of any Browns receiver last season.

Could re-signing him have helped the Browns? Certainly. But it’s understandable the path the Browns took, going with a more character-oriented player in Jurevicius rather than sticking with Bryant, who potentially could have provided some issues in the locker room.

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