Firing Wedge not the answer

The season has gone belly up on the Tribe and many mistakes have been made. But getting rid of Eric Wedge is not the solution, according to ABJ writer Terry Pluto. Amidst the team’s disappointment and struggles, Shapiro says Wedge will definitely be back next season.

“It would be absurd” to fire Wedge, he said. “He was second in the voting for manager of the year last season. In his first three years, he took a team from 68 to 80 to 93 wins. This has been a horrific, painful year. All of us need to take responsibility and take a close look at what went wrong.”

“It’s too easy to make a manager a scapegoat — and at the first real sign of adversity, to fire him. We are all accountable, but I also think this season will make us all better.”

Pluto acknowledges that both Shapiro and Wedge have made their fair share of bad decisions this season. Shapiro’s errors include the signing of Jason Johnson, not signing Bob Howry, and the whole Boone situation. Wedge’s failures come from pushing Vazquez over Phillips and being too patient with his players. Shapiro and Wedge are in a “partnership” together and it doesn’t seem like anything will change that. As Pluto argues though, the team’s failures have more to do with talent than anything else.

Everything is pointing toward 2007, and the collapse of the team this season should do more than cause Shapiro and Wedge to revise some of their thinking. It screams for ownership to supply more money for the player payroll.

What this season shows is that the talent level wasn’t nearly as gifted or as deep as the Indians once believed.

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