No relief

The Indians’ bullpen is about as stable as the first little pig’s house right about now. It’s not a question of when a blowup will occur but who will administer it. It’s almost as if there is a pool of gasoline on the pitcher’s mound and it’s just a matter of which Tribe reliever will bring the matches to torch the game.

Cabrera, Betancourt, Carmona, Mota, you name it. Unless a Tribe starter goes a complete game, there’s no real reason to feel comfortable about the team’s pitching. Jason Davis, who got his first save the other day, is probably the only Tribe reliever you can feel good about at this point. And even he can have his ups and downs. When the time comes to relieve their starter, Eric Wedge and Carl Willis really have no solid option. They might as well throw all the bullpen members’ names in a hat and choose it that way. It would be about as effective as any method they’ve used thus far.

The confusing thing about this part of the team is that they really do have some tremendous arms out there in the pen. Carmona, Davis, and Cabrera all can throw in the mid to upper 90s and have above average secondary pitches. They have the stuff to totally dominate the opposition at the end of games. So, what’s the problem? Is it the pitchers themselves or is it the coach? Guys like Mota, Cabrera, and Betancourt have all been successful in the past and have gone to crap this season.

While the blame should mostly be placed on the shoulders of the players, is it reasonable to say that Carl Willis deserves some of the criticism as well? It sure isn’t Wedge’s fault because all he can do is call for a certain reliever. It is Willis who works with these guys as the pitching coach. At least he’s supposed to.

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