Browns knocked down, but must get back up

Alright, a day has passed since the devastating LeCharles Bentley injury. Browns fans everywhere may still be trying to recover from the punch in the gut they took Thursday. Try to take a deep breath if you can. Bentley’s season-ending injury undoubtedly is a tremendous blow to the Browns’ offense and his presence on the O-line can’t be replaced. But, although many of us in Cleveland once again are asking, “Why us?”, and drowning in our sorrows, the fact remains that the season must go on.

The frustration is off the charts for Cleveland sports fans. Only in this city do we get a bad break for every sport and get tortured beyond belief. As Kenny Roda likes to say, OIC (Only in Cleveland!!). Now that we’ve had time to lick our wounds, the reality is that the Browns must live on and regroup.

LeCharles, having played high school ball at St.Ignatius, wanted just as badly as any player on the Browns roster to bring a winner to Cleveland. His desire to lead his hometown Browns to glory is unmatched. Unfortunately, he’ll have to wait another season to do so. Bentley’s toughness, tenacity, and Pro Bowl appearances will be greatly missed but it’s now up to some of the other veterans on the team to step up. The Browns clearly have taken a step back from where they stood before the injury but are still a better team than they were last season, even without Bentley. While we as fans can soak ourselves in our own tears all we want, crying about it won’t do any good. Believe me, I am just as disappointed and upset as everyone else. But it’s situations like this that show the true character of a team.

The Browns, veterans and rookies in all, need to band together now and show what they are made of. What doesn’t kill us makes us stronger and the team must play on. They find themselves in a difficult situation but the season is not over and all is not lost. Bentley is down, but the rest of the players now must rally around the big fella.

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