Blunders by Boone, Byrd lead to beating

The Yankees took out some frustration from Tuesday’s shellacking and did some beating up of their own. The Tribe got pounded 11-3 Wednesday night, ending their four-game win streak. Paul Byrd, who has been very effective as of late, gave up a fourth inning grand slam to Melky Cabrera and lasted only 3 2/3 innings. To his defense, the eight-run fourth the Yanks put up wasn’t all his fault. Aaron Boone made two errors in the inning on routine ground balls and Byrd was unable to stop the bleeding from there. Boone’s ugly day continued in the seventh when he dropped a foul ball for his third error of the game. Only four runs were charged to Byrd.

“Like I’ve heard all my life, if you play long enough, you’ll have a day like that,” Boone said. “I had that day, and it’s not a lot of fun.”

Boone needs to go and we need to see Marte in Cleveland ASAP. It’s not a knee-jerk reaction based on Wednesday night’s performance but a move that is critical for the future of the team. Boone is getting older and has no future with the Indians. With the season all but over, the team needs to get a look at Marte now at the major league level and break him in and get him some seasoning for next year.

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