Top 10 reasons LeBron James will sign extension with Cavs

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10) No other team can offer more years and more money than the Cavaliers. Five years and around $80 million depending on what the new salary cap is.

9) The mother of his son, his mother and now grandmother to his son, family, friends and inner circle are all from this area and have homes here. Does he really want to move them all?

8) Owner Daniel Gilbert is sinking a ton of money, not only into the team’s roster to surround LeBron with better players, but he’s also putting a lot of money into the arena and is building a new state of the art practice facility in Independence for LeBron and the team.

7) The Dwayne Wade rivalry that is developing in the Eastern Conference. D-Wade is one up on “The King” as far as championships go and being the competitor that LeBron is, you know that doesn’t sit well with #23.

6) The New Jersey Nets and LeBron’s good buddy and favorite musical artist, Jay-Z, are capped out and don’t have room to sign LeBron right now.

5) The New York Knicks currently suck and Kobe wants to prove he can do it alone in Los Angeles with the Lakers.

4) LeBron can go down in Cleveland sports history as the greatest athlete this city has ever seen and will be lauded as the savior of a city tortured by sports and he did all this by staying at home in Ohio right out of high school.

3) LeBron realizes that at the end of this new contract he’ll either be 26 or 27 and will still be in the prime of his career and will be eligible to sign another huge contract, either with Cleveland, or if they’re not winning, with any team that he wants to.

2) Even if he signs on July 12 for that reported 5 year deal around $80 million, he can always force a trade if the Dannys, Gilbert and Ferry, don’t put a winner together.

1) Did I mention the Cavaliers can give him the most money out of any team in the NBA? I want to believe that LeBron wants to stay here and bring a winner to his home state, but if I’ve learned anything from guys like Jim Thome, Albert Belle and Manny Ramirez, it’s a business and in this case Cleveland can offer the best monetary deal. So if LeBron is like all the other athletes today, and lets hope he’s not, but just in case he is, then advantage Cleveland is the money department.

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