What’s the holdup?

‘Melo and Wade have both signed, so why hasn’t LeBron? Sitting on a max extension offer from the Cavaliers, LeBron James has yet to let the team or its antsy fans know if he plans on accepting the deal. Heading into the offseason, everyone assumed the extension was a mere formality and that LeBron meant it when he said he had absolutely no intention of leaving.

So why hasn’t he signed?

I’m not jumping the gun and saying LeBron won’t sign, though I also won’t lie and say that the thought doesn’t scare the daylights out of me. Still, LeBron seems like a genuine guy, and when he says he wants to stay, I believe him. (Then again, I also believed Jim Thome.)

Since the Cavs aren’t going to do anything less than offer LeBron the max allowable money, this delay would seem to be about more than dollars and cents. A blogger on our sister site, The Scores Report, wonders if LeBron wants more say in front-office decisions, and that certainly wouldn’t surprise me, but I think there’s something else going on.

LeBron’s agent, Leon Rose, wants the Cavaliers to know exactly who’s in charge here, and while LBJ is saying all the right things about building a championship team in Cleveland, that doesn’t mean he won’t bolt if he’s not happy. So Rose took care of his newest client, #1 pick Andrea Bargnani, first and he’s also dealing with the Allen Iverson trade drama. You can take your time when you’re sitting in the power position, which is exactly where LeBron and Rose are because the Cavs need LeBron but LeBron doesn’t need the Cavs. Rose wants to make sure everyone involved understands that.

Still, I doubt LeBron will wait too much longer before announcing his intentions. A week or two? Fine. Maybe he’ll hold off until Chris Bosh, the last remaining big name from the ’03 draft class, is locked up, showing up fashionably late to the extension party. Fine, I can handle that. Just don’t drag it out, don’t make us sweat. If you really want to stay, stall to make your point but then show your commitment by inking the deal. Then we can all sleep easy.

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