Mark Shapiro is not happy

Nor should he be. The Tribe’s pitching has been a disaster. Paul Byrd and Jason Johnson have been pretty bad, and stiffs like Mota and Graves in the bullpen have been even worse. Shapiro didn’t hide his displeasure in a conference call with reporters:

“In general, I’m disappointed and concerned,” Shapiro said. “And not just because of the last three days. All that did was bring to a head things we were evaluating for a period of time.”

Things need to be fixed in the bullpen, and Shapiro is looking at a number of options. Mota has already lost his set-up job, and Graves is probably the most vulnerable regarding his spot on the roster.

Many of us thought Shipiro did a great job in the offseason in filling some of the holes left by Kevin Millwood and Bob Howry. I still think he made the right call not resigning those guys because the price was way too high, but the other moves have not worked well so far. Paying $14 for Paul Byrd appears to be the biggest mistake so far. Let’s hope that changes.

Fortunately, this team is loaded with young arms, and it looks like Shapiro might be willing to give them a chance.

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