Second round and still no sign of “Z”

The Cleveland Cavaliers started the second round of the playoffs and Zydrunas Ilgauskas still looks lost on the court. As I watched the Washington Wizards series, I was forcefully convinced by friends and media that the Wizards style of play was the reason Z looked so bad.

The Detroit Pistons play a half court offense and Z still looks bad on both sides of the court. I really believe the Pistons designed plays to drive the baseline, knowing that Z is not only out of place, but refuses to do his job and defend against it. I struggle with a man that is making the type of money we signed him for and doesn’t show up for the playoffs. A true competitor will make up for bad offense by playing hard nose defense and hustle for loose balls. He has done neither.

I see Larry Hughes, Eric Snow and Flip Murray struggle from the field, but recover with good defense and hustle. We are only one game into to this series and Mike Brown needs to act quickly if he has any chance to compete against the Pistons. If Z continues to sleep walk through this series, he should do it from the bench.

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