Barkley tells us like it isn’t

The city of Cleveland is slowly changing its luck and we are glad a big mouth like Charles Barkley won’t be along for the ride. In the last couple weeks, I have listened to Charles “I never won a NBA Championship” Barkley talk down about LeBron James, the Cavaliers and the city itself.

Barkley, a TNT analysis, continued to point out everything James needs to improve on, while giving Kobe Bryant and Steve Nash an overwhelming stamp of approval. He was frustrated that the Cavs/Pistons game was the prime time show, claiming this series would be a joke. Lastly, he arrogantly stated that Cleveland may fold under pressure, considering the city is not use to winning.

I should step back and say “Thank you Charles” for all of the insight; he would be the best person to teach us how to not win an NBA Championship. If we continue to do the opposite of what Barkley says, we will be heading in the right direction.

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