Trading up for Hawk?

Phil Savage has called A. J. Hawk the “safest pick in the draft,” so Terry Pluto is asking why don’t the Browns try harder to trade up to get him? He argues the Browns should consider trading their #1 pick for this year and next year for Hawk, as long as they can get some decent late round picks in return.

This would be a very tough call. Hawk is a stud, and he could anchor a team’s defense for ten years. He’s Chris Speilman but with much more talent. If he lives up to that billing, the trade would be worth it. The Browns could have a decent season next year, and that would make next year’s less valuable. Yet the Browns could also end up with a great player at #12.

The one factor holding Savage back might be the huge salary that the team would need to pay for a pick in the top five. That might be enough to make him stay put at #12.

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