Browns go back to basics

Romeo Crennel’s quote says it all:

“You can only play the card you’re dealt,” Crennel said. “That’s what we did last year. We got some more cards now.”

They sure do. As Terry Pluto explains, the Browns clearly had a plan this year, and they are focusing on the basics as the try to build this football team.

Washington is the latest example of the no-frills approach that Savage has taken to free agency. Along with Crennel, Savage has talked about games being won on the line — offense and defense.

Nothing new there.

By putting big bucks into premier offensive lineman LeCharles Bentley and emerging left tackle Kevin Shaffer on Saturday, then adding Washington to the defense, it shows that the Browns are really serious.

They also signed reliable punter David Zastudil and gritty receiver Joe Jurevicius, more of an indication that they want to improve the basics. They know the game comes down to blocking, tackling, punting, catching the ball and running the ball.

Now,if they can snag Willie McGinest as well, they’ll be in great shape heading into the draft.

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