Indians talent want to stay in Cleveland

The Cleveland Indians and GM Mark Shapiro are changing the way players look at the organization. After recently signing Jhonny Peralta to a long term deal, Indians players are talking about Cleveland and not about how much money they will make. Shapiro and Eric Wedge have always stressed how essential it is to evaluate talent and character. The signings of Travis Hafner, C.C. Sabathia and Victor Martinez show that they are signing team players and quality talent.

Cliff Lee and Grady Sizemore, both young rising stars in major league baseball, have openly expressed their desire to stay in Cleveland and play for this organization. Shapiro has been doing a great job of communicating with players and has a good name around the baseball world. If team president Paul Dolan does the right thing, the Indians could lock up a core of talent that may be better than the Kenny Lofton, Albert Belle and Omar Vizquel days. The next couple weeks may be pretty exciting for the future of Indians baseball.

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