Buckeyes in finals

The Ohio State Buckeyes led by J. J. Sullingerís 19 points and 13 rebounds held off a late Indiana rally to win 52-51 and head to the Big Ten Championship game against the Iowa Hawkeyes. The Buckeyes won again, despite shooting a miserable 18% from 3 point range. This is the second game in a row Ohio State has struggled from long range.

The Buckeyes are pretty much assured at least a number 2 seed in the tournament, but many feel with a victory against Iowa, Ohio State will be a number 1 seed. The Bucks defense has lead them through this Big Ten tournament. They will need a strong showing on both sides of the ball to defeat the Hawkeyes and match the ladies Buckeyes, who were Champions in both the regular season and the tournament.

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