Let’s be honest Browns Fan

I’ve been reading and watching the news this week for the Super Bowl. I can’t help but hope the Steelers get pounded. I walk around Cleveland and see Steelers sweatshirts, I hear Big Ben (Steelers QB) proclaiming Findlay, Ohio is a converted Pittsburgh town, I hear some “good hearted” Cleveland football fans say “You have to cheer for Pittsburgh, they helped us get back into the league” and I still say this. A TRUE Cleveland Browns fan, can never, has never and will never cheer for the hated Steelers. This is the team that has continually beaten us, fought with us, insulted us and most of all, it’s our rivalry.
I heard a disturbing comment by the Plain Dealer the last time Pittsburgh beat us. The writer proclaimed, it’s only a rivalry when both teams can win. I need to remind him OSU fans had to be patient.
The Steelers Joey Porter and his big mouth give me more reason to hate the Steelers and hope they lose. I do appreciate the Jerome Bettis sentiment, but losing in his home town would be just as satisfying. So, if you are a real Cleveland Browns fan then I suggest you take all that energy you posses for the Super Bowl and cheer for the Seattle Seahawks.
I can already hear the Pittsburgh fans next year at Cleveland Stadium screaming, “We made the Super Bowl”. I would love to sit back and sip my beer, look over, and say “Yes, but YOU LOST!!!!!”

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