Savage speaks

Phil Savage spoke to the media on Monday and gave an overview on the state of the team. He didn’t dwell on his own situation with the team, but he offered some insight on his plans for 2006. Nothing he said was very surprising, though he made his case that the team is on the right track.

The biggest news from the news conference involved Charlie Frye. Savage wouldn’t commit to Frye as the team’s quarterback next season, but he indicated that he felt Charlie is “capable of being an NFL quarterback” and that next year he would get a “strong look.” Sounds fair to me.

Savage has done a solid job so far. He made some great choices on trades and free agents, notably the Droughns acquisistion and the stabilization of the offensive line with three free agents.

We’ll see about the draft. Braylon Edwards is definitely a player, and Charlie Frye has potential. It’s probably too soon to evaluate the rest of the draft, but we need to keep in mind that Savage didn’t get a full draft cycle to prepare for the draft with his own scouts. That said, he certainly takes a very professional approach and we should expect good performance over time.

I’m glad he stayed.

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