PD editorial on the Browns

Not often the PD’s editorial page comments on the Browns, but I think this is accurate.

So far, Cleveland fans have been patient and forgiving. But thousands of empty seats at late-season home games this year suggest that even their bountiful good will – planted by Paul Brown and Graham and Motley, sustained by Jim Brown and Kelley and Sipe and Kosar, immune even to the machinations of Art Modell – may have its limits.

Cleveland sticks with the Browns because there simply is no place like Cleveland when the Browns are hot. People go insane. A lot of folks may not remember that anymore, but forget the Indians, forget the Cavs, when the Browns are hot, Cleveland loses its mind. That’s why we stick with this team through the patheticness. We remember that, and will put up with just about anything to get it back. Just about.

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