Browns vs. Ravens liveblog

There’ll probably be more cameras aimed at the owner’s box than on the field. I got the Browns winning this game, but all the off-field distractions….kickoff at 1.

14.00 1st – Browns go 3 & out on initial possession. Droughns stuffed twice, dropped a pass underneath.

12.38 1st – Ravens go 3 & out on initial possession. One of those games. Ugh.

11.17 1st – Browns go 3 & out again. Frye threw deep ball to double covered Bryant on 3rd down which seemed to float out there. Buyer’s remorse alert.

8.43 1st – Ravens pick up a first down on a big Jamal Lewis run, but then have to punt. Browns defense seems to have shown up. Offense takes over at the 12. If they go 3 & out again, Ravens might get a field goal purely out of field position.

7.31 1st – Another 3 & out. Nearly a safety on 3rd down, Frye barely got rid of it, could easily have been called intentional grounding. Flags everywhere on the punt, Ravens get pushed back into their half of the field.

UNRELATED – Not one single mention of the Savage-Collins situation on the CBS broadcast. Not in the pre-game, not in the game broadcast. Will they even bring it up?

6.15 1st – Ravens go 3 & out. Browns take over at 20. I THINK I MAY BE SICK.

4.32 1st – BROWNS GO 3 & OUT AGAIN. One good run on 1st down by Droughns. Richardson shanks the punt. I thought last week’s game was as ugly as it could get. I may have been wrong.

3.31 1st – Jamal Lewis starting to get some big yardage.

1.32 1st – Boller deep pass to Mason at Browns 5 yard line. First Ravens passing yardage. Ravens getting flagged like every other play.

END OF 1st – Browns 0, Ravens 0.
Ravens keep going backwards with penalties, nice shovel pass TD called back for OL downfield. Browns defense is playing fairly well. Andra Davis had a great quarter. Ravens have 3rd & goal from 10. STILL NO MENTION OF SAVAGE-COLLINS SITUATION.

FG Ravens 3, Browns 0.
Ravens score in spite of themselves. Another penalty made it 3rd & goal from the 15, nearly ran it in. A pathetic display of football ineptitude in progress.

14.07 2nd – Frye gets hit on 1st down, ball pops up, gets picked by Ravens player, chop block penalty adds on more yards. Ravens 1st & goal again. What a stinking mess.

12.46 2nd – Ravens BLOW SNAP ON FG ATTEMPT, Browns recover fumble around the 15 yard line. Total breakdown of football. Total breakdown.

10.54 2nd – Browns go 3 & out AGAIN. Frye sacked on 3rd down. Ravens return punt to Browns 40.

8.16 2nd – Ravens 6, Browns 0.
Field position gives Ravens another FG, Browns defense has shown up. Kennard Lang literally leaps over Chester Taylor then plants Kyle Boller as he released the ball, incomplete. Great play.

7.05 – Chaos. Frye on 3rd & 8 fumbles, Ravens return it for a TD. Crennel challenges. Meanwhile, FIRST MENTION OF THE SAVAGE SITUATION AT 8 MINUTE MARK OF 2ND QTR. Complete with a picture of owner’s box and Savage sitting there. Beurlein says something like “it will iron itself out.” What?

CHALLENGE FAILS. TD stands. Ravens 13, Browns 0. 7.05 2nd qtr.

6.52 2nd – BROWNS PICKE UP THEIR FIRST 1ST DOWN. Frye to Antonio Bryant. Miracle.

5.39 2nd – Frye to TE on 3rd down, another first down. Lord be praised.

4.38 2nd – Another first down, Frye to Bryant. Gunslingin’ Charlie Frye is back?

2.43 2nd – Browns end up with a FG. Nice drive. Frye has something to smile about, completely different player on that drive. Ravens 13, Browns 3.

2 MINUTE WARNING. Panic has abated. If the defense can hold on this last drive, might be worth watching the rest of this game.

1.09 2nd – BROWNS PICK OFF BOLLER. Terrible deep throw on 3rd & long easily picked off, returned to the Browns 41. Great opportunity. Browns immediately get a false start penalty.

0.33 2nd – Frye to Bryant twice, 1st down near midfield. Frye is getting pummelled every time. Browns timeout.

0.26 2nd – Frye scrambles to the 30 yard line. Man this kid has guts.

0.03 2nd – Frye grounds the ball after getting it to Bryant and in FG range. What a drive. Browns get the FG, Ravens 13, Browns 6.

HALFTIME TAKE – Jeckyll and Hyde show from the Browns. Charlie Frye looks like the worst QB in history until the last 2 drives, which are all him. Too bad they didn’t get TDs out of them, but still…..I feel a lot better now.

14.11 3rd – Ravens go 3 & out. Browns defense is starting to look like a real NFL team. Penalty on the punt, as usual.

10.47 3rd – Bizarreness has broken out. After a couple great plays by Charlie Frye, he throws a pick, on the return Ravens lateral the ball about 4 times, huge return, last lateral gets fumbled, Browns recover, they call the player down. Why isn’t Crennel challenging? Can he?

8.45 3rd – Browns hold Ravens to one first down pickup, hold on the next 3rd down, sacking Boller. Ravens get a FG. Ravens 16, Browns 6. Browns defense has been tough today.

8.32 3rd – HUGE KICKOFF RETURN. Josh Cribbs appears to have fumbled at the end of the run, but it got picked up by a Brown for more yardage. Discussion about the spot of the ball. Currently at the Ravens 24. Timeout.

8.17 3rd – Ball stays at 24. First play, nice slant to Antonio Bryant to the 6 yard line. Bryant takes a shot. Frye takes a shot. 1st & goal.

7.27 3rd – FRYE TO BRYANT FOR A TD. Houdini act. Frye escapes pocket, finds wide open AB. I like Charlie Frye again. Ravens 16, Browns 13.

6.05 3rd – Ravens go 3 & out, Browns defense is getting even stiffer. Should have been intentional grounding on the 3rd down, he was definitely still in the pocket, throwing to avoid the sack. Huge punt WHICH NORTHCUTT RETURNS FOR A TD.

Browns lead 20-16.
What a weird game.

4.00 3rd – Ravens get a first down, then Browns defense just swarms all over Kyle Boller. Punt. Browns take over near their 30. With the lead. Still can’t believe it.

1.42 3rd – Browns administering a heavy dose of Reuben Droughns. Bryant makes a first down catch.

END OF 3RD – Browns 20, Ravens 16. Northcutt seems shaken up on the last play. Can’t believe the Browns are leading this game. Starting to look like the Ravens are just as dumbfounded as I am, they are totally out of their game.

14.36 4th – Back to reality. Browns getting penalties, Frye sacked, team was close to FG range, punt goes into the end zone.

11.29 4th – Ravens started to move the ball, then got hit with a big penalty, then the Browns AGAIN stiffened. Big sack. Ravens have to punt.

Crennel challenges an incompletion call on first play of the drive. Not sure I would do that. And how about getting back to Reuben Droughns? Challenge fails.

9.59 4th – Slant to Northcutt, first down at the 45. Frye throws that slant very well.

7.44 4th – Browns have to punt after another throw to Bryant gets ruled incomplete. Close call on that one, I thought he got both feet down and made a great catch, but whatever. GREAT PUNT COVERAGE, Ravens start at their 6 yard line.

4.58 4th – Browns stiffen again, blitz Boller, has to throw underneath. Ravens have to punt. Start at the 20.

2.25 4th – Browns end up having to punt. Ravens take over at their 27.

2.10 4th – Ravens somehow manage to lobby themselves out of a penalty. Browns defense continues to send the house.

2 MINUTE WARNING – Ravens have the ball near midfield, down by 4. Browns need one last stand.

1.14 4th – Ravens got a big holding penalty. Now 3rd & 20 at their 40.

1.09 4th – McCutcheon makes a great play on the ball, INC, 4th down & 20.

0.58 4th – PICKED OFF. Deep throw picked off by Russell, returned to the Browns 30. Ravens have two timeouts to burn, but this game is iced. Wow.

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