Browns vs. Raiders liveblog

Could be Charlie Frye’s first win today. These are not your daddy’s Oakland Raiders. I’ve thought the Browns would win this game for a long time, gonna stick with that.

13.41 1st – Raiders go 3 & out, Browns defense looked solid. Northcutt fielded the punt on the goal line, probably shouldn’t have, but got it out to the 38 yard line. Nice.

11.00 1st – Droughns carrying early not great, Frye overthrow on 3rd down, Browns also go 3 & out. Gonna be one of those games. GREAT punt and GREAT tackle inside the 5 yard line.

9.51 1st – SACK on 3rd down at 4 yard line. Defensive struggle underway. Northcutt returns to the Raiders 47.

Nice slant to Northcutt on 1st down for a big gain. Droughns picks up another 15 on the next 1st down to the 20. Frye QB draw inside the 5 yard line. Frye showing toughness. 3 straight Droughns runs into the goal line don’t get in. GO FOR IT.

4.56 1st – they went for it. didn’t get it. fuck. still like the call.

0.46 1st – Wasted opportunity on defense, they get out of the hole after two runs to the 16 yard line. Not sure why they stopped running the ball near midfield, they end up punting to the Browns near 15 yard line. GONNA BE ONE OF THOSE GAMES.

END OF FIRST – Browns 0, Raiders 0. Incredible play by Frye at the end of the qtr, miraculously avoids the rush to throw deep, only a great defensive play on the ball prevented a big gainer. Still….no gain.

14.46 2nd – Browns punt again to near midfield. When is this season over?

11.24 2nd – Oakland misses a FG. Raiders again stop running the ball, start throwing, stop moving. End up missing field goal. ONE OF THOSE GAMES. TWO 4-9 TEAMS JUST MAILING IT IN.


9.15 2nd – Browns go 3 & out again. Short yardage running game isn’t working. Punt to the Raiders 10. Field position game translates into BORING.

8.09 2nd – Late hit penalty on Browns. Again, they let the Raiders out of a hole.

6.20 2nd – 3rd & 5, Lamont Jordan gets 1st down at midfield. Browns run defense again turning some no name into Jim Brown.

2 MINUTE WARNING – Browns 0, Raiders 0.

1.25 2nd – Browns hold the Raiders on 3rd & 2. Raiders go for it on 4th & a foot. Collins picks it up on a QB sneak.

1.16 2nd – Collins deep post to Randy Moss. Great throw, great catch. Raiders 7, Browns 0. Will be interesting to see Frye in the 2 minute drill.

1.07 2nd – NICE KO return by Cribbs to near midfield. Browns need to score on this drive with this kind of field position.

ODD CLOCK MGMT AGAIN. Browns should have gotten it closer than this 45 yard FG attempt. Kick is up and…..good as time expires on the half. Raiders 7, Browns 3. An ugly game. Cannot wait for it to be over.

13.26 3rd – Did they just compare Frye to Lebron James? Nice 3rd down conversion.

11.21 3rd – Browns have to punt from near midfield, touchback. Ugh.

8.24 3rd – Buerlein utters genius. “most important stat in football, points allowed, points scored.” Where do they find such insightful experts?

7.56 3rd – Raiders have to punt to Browns 22

6.05 3rd – Browns go 3 & out in an odd possession, featuring Frye scramble, Frye catching muffed handoff that pops into the air, and Frye throwing deep incompletion. Terrible punt.

3.57 3rd – INT! Bodden with a great play on the ball (after a tip…replay clearly showed it was a drop by Porter, Bodden was in the right spot to get the tip) Best CB on the team. Browns take over near midfield.

3.44 3rd – ANOTHER DROP BY ANTONIO BRYANT. Flap those lips.

2.53 3rd – Bryant makes up for the drop with a great catch to the 12. Nice catch.

1.53 3rd – Bryant drops two that looked like good plays by the DB or borderline interference. Browns kick a FG, Raiders 7, Browns 6.

0.56 3rd – only thing that slows down Lamont Jordan is an apparent hamstring pull. He was going through Browns defense at will. Fumble recovered by Collins, then sacked, 3rd and real long.

END OF 3rd – Raiders 7, Browns 6
. Call me when it’s over.

14.43 4th – Raiders have to punt to the Browns 13 after receivers and DBs run into each other and fall down. Enough already.

14.26 4th – FRYE TAKES A SHOT, still makes completion to the 22 yard line. NICE PLAY.

13.04 4th – Another deep shot to Bryant. Frye showing no ill effects from being pummelled, covered in mud. Great game for Frye so far. Browns at 40.

FUCK – DROUGHNS FUMBLES. Raiders take over. Drive over. Best looking drive of the day. Ends in catastrophe.

11.51 4th – Browns defense stiffening. SACK at Raiders 40. 3rd & 13. Raiders have to punt. Browns take over at 20 after ball SNEAKS into end zone.

8.13 4th – Browns starting another good drive, nice throw to Smith, another nice catch by Bryant. 3rd & 1, rain falling, game getting a bit more interesting, play action deep throw INT…..looked like it was pass interference. Not a good throw by Frye. Shit.

Game settling into the final stretch, Browns wasting opportunities with turnovers. Raiders have gone into ball control mode, Lamont Jordan picking up yard after yard. STILL……if the Browns can manage a stop, they still have a shot. Clock running.

4.50 4th – Lamont Jordan gets a big gainer. Raiders just about in FG range.

3.25 4th – Nearly a big sack, should have been intentional grounding. 3rd & 9, INC. Should be a FG attempt here.

FG BLOCKED!!!! YEAH BABY!!! Browns take over with 3.15 left at about their 36 yard line.

2.33 4th – Frye’s throwing underneath too much. 3rd & 6, HITS FRISMAN JACKSON for a 1st down. That should take us to the 2 minute warning. …..they get off one more play, a run for no gain.

2 MINUTE WARNING – They’re at the 50 yard line. They need about 20 more yards to get in realistic FG range.


Frye fumbles the snap on the ensuing play. Scrambles for a loss of a yard. Man, he’s a high wire act.

GREAT PASS TO FRISMAN JACKSON AT THE 28 YARD LINE. Frye was rolling right, drills Jackson at the sideline. FG range for sure.

0.54 4th – Droughns draw play to the 18. We’re gonna win this game. We’re gonna win…..Raiders call a timeout.

OH SHIT. Droughns on another draw appears to have fumbled. Officials huddling, CALL IT A FUMBLE. RAIDERS RECOVER. GOTTA BE A REVIEW. REPLAY SHOWS HE WAS DOWN FOR AT LEAST A SECOND OR TWO.

Replay clearly shows Droughns was down. If they don’t overturn this, it’ll be an outrage.

RULING ON THE FIELD REVERSED. RUNNER RULED DOWN. 3RD DOWN & 1, BROWNS. 043 left in the 4th. Justice is served.

This will be a confidence builder if the Browns pull it out. Frye engineers the first 4th qtr comeback of his career. FRYE KNEELS, SETS UP GAME WINNING FG ATTEMPT. Clock winds down to make this the last play of the game. 0.05 left.


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