Cavs defense too complicated?

Roger Brown is a moron.

Yet, the Cavs still can’t grasp Brown’s defensive system enough to play it competently? Hmmm. Logic says this means either: 1. The Cavs have some of the dumbest players in the NBA – in which case, it’s worth questioning how Brown and Ferry put together this team; or 2. Brown’s defensive system is so over-schemed, convoluted and complex that it can make a NASA scientist dizzy, and should be streamlined and simplified. We like Brown. But we suspect the answer is “2.”

Who is this “we”? Isn’t Roger Brown one person? Whatever “logic” Brown is using to come to his 2 big conclusions, he’s a dope. It’s not about how smart the Cavs are or aren’t, or how much experience they have in the NBA, or how much time they’ve spent studying Mike Brown’s defense. The Cavs defense stinks because the Cavs don’t play defense. That is imminently observable to the naked eye. When the Cavs don’t play defense, they aren’t standing around looking confused, they are just standing around.

As for the Cavs defense needing to be simplified…Mike Brown has been associated with some of the finest defenses in the NBA in the last 5 years. I don’t care how complicated his scheme is, I’ll take it.

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