Browns vs. Bengals liveblog

PRE GAME TAKE? I got a funny feeling about this one. That’s all I’m gonna say.

13.25 1st – Bengals go 3 & out on first possession. That’s already a positive. Browns start at their 44.

11.20 1st – 2 quick first downs, big run by Droughns, short passes by Frye, looking very good until a backfield stop on 1st down.

9.24 1st – big 3rd down conversion on slant to bryant. 1st & goal

8.23 1st – TD FRYE – on rollout on 1st and goal. This game is off to a GREAT start. Browns 7, Bengals 0.

(G comments on the hideousness of the Bengals unies…agreed.)

8.08 1st – Bengals digging a whole, holding penalty on first down…love the ref making the call before the players are even up off the deck.

6.30 1st – Bengals offense finally clicking, 2 big first down pickups, into Browns territory. Bengals in no huddle. This could be bad. another Rudi Johnson 1st down, they are now ripping off yards in chunks

4.18 1st – TD Rudi Johnson just waltzes in from 8 yards out. A missed opportunity for the Browns D. they could have had another 3 and out, instead, Bengals roll downhill the whole way. Browns 7, Bengals 7.

ensuing KO, cribbs all the way to Browns 45. Frye could not have asked for better field position on 1st two drives of the game.

1.48 1st – Browns go 3 and out thanks largely to a false start penalty. Not a bad punt.

WHAT!!?!?! I’m sittin’ here watching a guy lay on the field for 5 minutes, they cart him off, then run out the clock on the quarter?!??! WTF? Anyway, END OF 1st, Browns 7, Bengals 7. Big series at the start of the 2nd for Browns defense.

HUGE INTERCEPTION! Andra Davis in middle of the field, Palmer never saw him. Browns ball on Bengals 19

13.13 2nd – another Bengal hurt. Browns have 2nd & goal. Droughns is a STUD.

12.18 2nd – TD FRYE TO HEIDEN. We have seen the last of Trent Dilfer. Frye shows great composure on 3rd & goal. Browns 14, Bengals 7.

11.30 2nd – Browns defense just isn’t holding the Bengals running game. One play, Bengals in Browns territory.

10.06 2nd – Rudi johnson already over 100 yards, going through Browns defense like a hot knife through butter. 1st & goal Bengals.

7.38 2nd – Somehow, Browns hold on 3rd & goal. Bengals get a FG, Browns 14, Bengals 10.

INTERNET CONNECTION MELTDOWN. Sorry guys, lost my connection. Browns 14, Bengals 13. HALFTIME TAKE – gave up some big chances defensively, and too many yards on big plays. Last series of the half was ugly. Frye almost got hurt, penalty on punt really screwed us. Frye looks very good. Is Droughns hurt? Suggs was in on the last series.

Droughns back in on first series of second half.

13.20 3rd – Great 3rd down completion by Frye for 12 yards. Took a big hit.

10.25 3rd – FRYE DRAWS THEM OFFSIDE ON 4TH DOWN. This kid is something else.

9.10 3rd – another great completion by Frye on the rollout. another 1st down

8.04 3rd – couple of penalties, 1st & 17. Drive being stalled.

6.11 3rd – Browns kick a FG, Browns 17, Bengals 13. Frye playing tough. Bengals offense being kept off the field by solid running game. This one will probably go down to the wire.

4.59 3rd – Bengals go 3 & out on first series of 2nd half. They look totally out of rhythm. Browns could really grab momentum if they score on this drive. they take over about the 35.

3.41 3rd – Frye throws a pick on 3rd down. Terrible throw. Corner seemed to be sitting on the route. Big momentum shifter. Bengals take over inside Browns 40.

Bengals in no huddle, look like they’ve regained rhythm. Driving inside 20. Now 1st & goal.

0.02 3rd – Palmer throws TD on 3rd & goal to Houshmenzadeh. Hard name to type. Frye pick led directly to Bengals retaking the lead. Tough lesson to learn. Bengals 20, Browns 17.

11.21 4th – Frye responding well to the pick, big play to Heiden, big throw to Northcutt, on 3rd & 9 at 39, takes a sack. Browns have to punt.

9.46 4th – Bengals go 3 & out, aided by a GREAT play by Leigh Bodden on a deep pass that would have been a TD. Browns take over near midfield.

8.00 4th – Frye to Heiden twice for 2 big 1st downs. When Frye is out of the pocket, he is pretty amazing.

6.30 4th – Frye scrambles to the 12. 1st down.

4.32 4th – Browns call timeout on 3rd & 10. CANNOT TURN THE BALL OVER HERE. Huge play.

(comment from Chicago – HEY MAN!! hang in there. Frye looks like the real deal.)

4.23 4th – Just as I give Frye all these props, he throws a ball that almost gets picked. Dawson comes in for the FG….good. GAME TIED. Browns 20, Bengals 20.

PRE-POST-GAME TAKE – This is already a plus for the Browns.
This is a potential AFC Championship Bengals team, and we are tied with less than 5 minutes to play. Frye having a solid game. Of Course, as I type this, Bengals get a big KO return to the 40.

2 MINUTE WARNING – Rudi Johnson just ripping off run after run. Has 160 yards. Almost in FG range. Fuck. 3rd & 3.

SHIT. Almost got to Palmer, he completes for a 1st down at 25.

DOUBLE SHIT. Another 1st down throw on a slant to Chad Johnson. Bodden hurt in the collision. Best corner on the team lying flat on his back. Not good. Crennel challenging the completion. Looked like he might have dropped it.

Bodden gets up, runs off the field. Phew. CHALLENGE UPHELD. 3rd & 8. Nice.

BROWNS ODDLY TAKE A TIMEOUT. What. The fuck. 0.56 seconds remaining, you blow a timeout on 3rd down.

Lovely. Defensive holding penalty on Bodden. Doesn’t look like a penalty. That could be the game. 1st down at the 28. Bengals would have been stopped. Now they can tun the ball and set up a game winning field goal with time running out.

LATE FLAG ON 3RD DOWN ON BODDEN AGAIN. 0.32 seconds left. another automatic first down. Bodden single handedly losing the game.

Bengals run ball into the middle of the field. Browns take a timeout with 0.15 left. 2nd & 7, Bengals may run one more time.

Bengals take timeout with ONE SECOND on the clock, crowd thought they forgot about the clock! Graham comes out for a 37 yard FG attempt.


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