Are wide receivers just insane?

Or is Mary Kay Cabot just intent on creating a bunch of prima dona big mouths in Cleveland?

It festered so much that when Northcutt did finally get the ball, he dropped it more often than in the past. Two of the bigger ones came on what could have been a game-winning drive in Houston and a key third-down pass in Pittsburgh on which he was wide open. “I had to go back to the early part of the season and say, ‘That’s not me, I don’t drop balls like this, my hands are better than that,’ ” he said. Northcutt said he didn’t have chemistry this season with either quarterback, Trent Dilfer or Charlie Frye. “They weren’t comfortable with me, and I don’t think they had any confidence in me,” Northcutt said.

There should be a rule that wide receivers have their mouths taped shut at the beginning of every NFL season, and removed only after their last game of the season.

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