Holding my fire on the new Tribe TV deal

It sounds good, but I have a few questions right off the bat. First, it sounds like we’re going to be treated to a lot of fluff, spin, and uncritical “analysis” from an Indians-owned TV network. That can get real old, real fast. Second, anything that is under the control of one cable network, especially the remnants of Adelphia which is now owned by Time Warner, is suspect in my book. How do people with dishes get the Tribe? And third…the increased revenue the Tribe expects to get makes these regular cries of poverty in the off-season ever more ridiculous. Said Shapiro in today’s PD

“At this moment, my budget hasn’t changed over the last few weeks. Paul and I talk every couple of days. I know our parameters. I know the players we can’t afford to get involved with.”

Well, if the budget hasn’t changed now, it’ll change next year and the year after that, right when the Tribe should be challenging for a World Series. The list of excuses for losing out on free agents is getting shorter all the time.

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