Frye is a no-brainer

The biggest news from this Browns loss is that Charlie Frye is for real, and should start. This game had the feel of Bernie Kosar’s first start…the spot is his, and he’s never giving it back. In a game in which he got the rookie’s-first-start pass rush pummelling treatment from the league’s #2 pass defense, he delivered a great first half, and hung in there in the second, with style and flair. I cannot imagine a scenario that would justify starting Trent Dilfer next week outside of injury to Frye. Crennel is being coy.

Crennel said next Sunday’s starter will be a “game-time decision.” For one afternoon, a game feels like a shaft of sunlight and not a mineshaft, and then we’re back to lights on the helmets in the pitch blackness?

Let’s assume Crennel is just trying to force the Bengals to prepare for both Frye & Dilfer, but that little trick is only gonna work one more time.

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