Browns vs. Jags liveblog

PRE-GAME TAKE – Is the season over yet? If they start Charlie Frye, they’d better keep him in the whole game, dammit. And Reuben Droughns hits 1,000 yards today…this is running game weather, baby. I think the Browns win a shocker. Kickoff at 1.

11.00 1st – Nice first drive ends on 4th & 1, Droughns gets stuffed. Frye’s first pass as a starter was better than anything Dilfer’s thrown all year, fingertip placement for a 29 yard gain. Not sure why they didn’t throw on the last 3rd & 5, but the drive probably builds Frye’s confidence, which was fine. Points woulda been nice, though, eh?

4.14 1st Jags 3, Browns 0 – Browns take “Bend but don’t break” philosophy to an extreme in a drive that was just way too easy and should have ended in a TD but for the drop in the end zone. Should have been a sack on that play.

2.36 1st – Mouthy receiver drops a sure 1st down pass. Gee, where have I heard that one before. Browns punt.

1.01 1st – Nice 3 & out defensvie series

END OF FIRST – Jags 3, Browns 0 – Droughns getting a lot of attention from the Jags defense, looks like they are throwing a lot at the run, want to force Frye to pass, there should be some opportunities deep.

12.10 2nd – nice drive being helped along by penalties, including a roughing the passer that should result in a fine.

10.41 2nd – Browns 7, Jags 3 – Deep TD to Braylon. Frye had one hell of an adventure on that drive. Strange wobbler to Bryant for a 1st down, took a roughing the passer penalty, got nailed on a scramble out of bounds, then recognizing he had a free play after an obvious offisides, ends up throwing a jump ball to Braylon for the TD.

8.40 2nd – Another 3 & out for the Jags. Defense appears to have made some adjustment to go from allowing every possible yard to no yards. Northcutt oddly fair catches at 18…wasn’t anyone within 10 yards of him.


5.31 2nd Droughns approaching 1,000

3.47 2nd – GREAT DRIVE ENDS IN Browns missing a FG. 3rd & 6, Mouthy Receiver Bryant drops another sure first down. We are approching the point where he needs to be cut. Browns 7, Jags 3.

2 MINUTE WARNING – Jags starting out a drive. Browns could get the ball back before the half. Leigh Bodden is a bright spot in this Browns secondary, great tackler.

1.14 2nd – BROWNS PICK IT OFF. Start at their own 40. Refs reviewing.

1.04 2nd – Frye to Edwards for a big gain. Time out. Browns already look like a very different team.

0.57 2nd – 13 yard gain to Heiden. Frye settling in.

0.50 2nd Droughns goes over 1000.

0.44 2nd – TD TO BRAYLON. Time to get used to seeing Trent Dilfer on the sideline wearing an orange jacket. Browns 14, Jags 3.

END OF FIRST HALF – Browns 14, Jags 3. Browns truly look like a different offense with Frye in there. Score should be much more lopsided, if it weren’t for Antonio Bryant dropping passes, and a missed FG. Defense has been inconsistent, but still, again, bending but not breaking.

10.49 3rd – Browns defense bending a bit too much. Andra Davis looks hurt.

10.13 3rd – Jags kick a FG, Browns 14, Jags 6 – Too much bending. And again, Jags drops result in FG.

8.36 3rd – Penalty on Bryant and 2 sacks result in punt from back of the end zone. What was all the screaming about? Great time to cut quickly to a commercial.

5.04 3rd – Browns 14, Jags 13 – Jags start a short drive at Browns 42 after punt, march right into the end zone. Browns defense is letting the Jags regain momentum. Unsportsmanlike penalty helps us with field position on KO.

3.30 3rd – Another Browns 3 & out, despite starting with the ball near midfield. Punt.

1.11 3rd – Jags 20, Browns 14 – Jags march effortlessly down the field again, score another TD, wide open Jimmy Smith in the end zone. Defense has disappeared completely. Drive aided by a big pass interference penalty on Bodden. Think I saw some snow balls getting thrown onto the field.

END OF 3rd, START OF FOURTH – Great pass to Braylon after Droughns recovers his own fumble. Browns moving the ball finally.

11.15 4th – Browns continue to drive, great scramble on 3rd down by Frye, Droughns pops off 12, in the red zone.

11.02 4th – PI on Braylon. Not sure why Jags didn’t decline the penalty. 3rd & 20

10.10 4th – Frye gets sacked. Pooch punt out of FG formation to Jags 8 yard line. Terrible sequence.

9.15 4th – OK, now the Browns are playing defense again. 3 & out results in punt from end zone, Browns take over at 32.

9.08 4th – Romeo challenges deep incompletion. Looks like Bryant had his feet in. CHALLENGE FAILS.

9.02 4th – Braylon drops a deep throw, looks like he twisted the knee on the way down. Writhing on the ground in pain. Season might be over.

8.43 4th – Browns have to punt to the 26. Braylon getting carted off to the locker room.

7.00 4th – Jags ripping off yardage in chunks, already in FG range at Browns 34.

5.53 4th – Jags 3rd down at 34. Take a timeout. Huge play.

5.28 4th – Sack results in punt, but Jags down it at the Browns 1 yard line. Frye would be a legend if he engineers winning TD drive from this spot.

4.57 4th – Droughns gets some breathing room, 2nd & 6

4.21 4th – Nice out pattern, 1st down. Stops clock.

3.30 4th – Clock management appears to not be a priority. 3rd & 4, Frye down at 20. Punt team comes out, Richardson uncorks a shitty punt, gets a bounce. WHY PUNT? ONE FIRST DOWN FOR THE JAGS, THE GAME IS OVER.

2.14 4th – Jags pick up a yard. Browns timeout. 2nd down coming up.

2.09 4th – HUGE PLAY. ROYE BREAKS THROUGH FOR A SACK. Ball at 35 yard line. 3rd down

2.00 4th – Game over. Garrard picks up 1st down on 3rd & 19 with a scramble for more than 20 yards. Game over.

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