Not buyin’ this poverty nonsense

Mark Shapiro is already laying the groundwork for another Tribe off-season of low rent free-agent signings.

Shapiro was keeping his plans quiet, but he left no doubt about what the signings of B.J. Ryan and Billy Wagner did to the closer’s market. “It elevates it,” said Shapiro. “It’s hard to be poetic about it. Anytime the market escalates, it makes it harder for us to do business.”

Why does this surprise anyone in Tribe management? What the hell is so surprising about the “market escalating”? Doesn’t it escalate every single year? How is this “poetic”?

You know what’s poetic? I’ll tell you what’s poetic. We are also now talking about Nomar Garciaparra, who 2 years ago would have been a blockbuster addition to the Tribe, but now just seems like another budget rack blue light special. Pure poetry. Ryan didn’t get signed, Howry is gone, it’s starting to feel like Millwood’s gonna be gone, and who knows what the hell is gonna happen with Elarton and Bob Wickman.

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