Gut feeling watch – pass the Pepto

Gotta agree with Bud Shaw.

But now the amnesia was working on Carthon, who did not call for Droughns to run the ball but put the rookie in an empty backfield on his first play from scrimmage. Frye and Edwards had a miscommunication. Sharper caught that pass, too. What Crennel is doing with his quarterbacks is mystifying. He said he was looking to get Frye a series against the Vikings. But then when the competitive part of the game was over, with 3:06 remaining and trailing by 18, Dilfer limped out to the huddle again.

Yes. Mystifying. That play where Frye threw the pick easily could have ended with a broken Charlie Frye, he got hit so hard. I never understand why this team gives up on the run so quickly. Droughns was just ripping off chunks, almost at will. This whole “gut feeling” QB rotation is starting to look bizarre. I originally thought it was a good idea, but if its implementation continues to look as odd as this, my gut’s gonna need some medication.

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