Why the Browns winning Sunday might matter

If the Browns win against the Vikings tomorrow, I’m gonna declare this season a success. (Even though I argue in the previous post that it may be the last game they win until January.) They’ll sit at 5-6, they’ll have looked competitive, they will have established themselves as a running team, and they will have delivered a solid defense. They can lose out, and still have met the rather low expectations set for them.

And the future looks bright for the first time in a long time. Depending on 2 things – how well Kellen Winslow comes back from injury next year, and how well Charlie Frye develops – the Browns offense next year could be incredibly potent. The defense looks very solid, and will likely benefit from a college draft that appears thick with defensive stars. (please let AJ Hawk fall to mid first round…please….) For once, it kinda feels good to be a Browns fan.

Now watch, they’ll go and stink up the place tomorrow.

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