QB chaos

…is apparently all over the NFL.

The three certain changes this weekend will raise to 33 the number of swaps at the quarterback position in the 11 weeks since the season opener. That’s an average of three changes per week, and from the data that ESPN.com was able to research the past few days, represents an all-time high for this point in any season since the NFL adopted the 16-game schedule in 1978…Yeah, it’s been that crazy so far in 2005, and there are still six weekends on the schedule, and plenty more time for coaches to shuffle their quarterback depth charts.

When you think about it, the Browns QB position the last 30 years has really been more chaotic than not. We had two sure starters in that period, Sipe and Kosar, but the rest have been a litany of no hopers, dashed high expectations, re-treads, short term fixes, and utter disasters.

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