Playoffs 102

The Cavs blowout loss to Indiana last night looked a lot like their blowout loss to San Antonio. On the road, against a top tier team, which shut the Cavs down with defense. That loss was freshman year, first semester, Playoffs 101. This was freshman year, second semester, Playoffs 102.

They simply were never in the game. The first quarter the Pacers jumped all over a Cavs team that appeared to have had the same perfect combination of Thanksgiving turkey and wine that put Jerry Seinfels’s girlfriend to sleep so that he and George & Elaine could come over and play with the Easy Bake Oven. It’s as if they really did not want to play a baskebtall game, and instead roll over on the couch, put on the football game, and doze off.

Lesson #1 was delivered directly to Lebron…defense. Ron Artest shut him down early and often. Lesson #2? When that happens to Lebron (which it will), Larry Hughes needs to step up. That did not occur. Result…Cavs get throttled. Good news is, we’re 9-3, with a home game coming up.

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