Bud Shaw loses his mind

Slurping Braylon Edwards is apparently a full time job for Bud Shaw now.

Saying he was ready to make plays and wanted to prove it – gee, how controversial – he caught six passes for 90 yards in a 22-0 win over Miami. “I had no problem with what Braylon said,” Dilfer said. “I’ve told the receivers, ‘Listen, I want you to want the ball. You can drill me if I’m not getting it to you. But don’t ask for the ball, get the opportunity and then not make the most of it.’ ”

Charlie Frye’s first interception of his career was a perfect pass that bounced off of Edwards hands. Remember that Bud?

A leaping catch on a Frye scramble was most reminiscent of his acrobatics at Michigan. But he talked more of the Frye pass he juggled into an interception. “I have to make that catch,” he said.

No one will remember this, because the Browns won 22-0 in a game that was never at risk. But enough with the T.O. routine….from the media. Please.

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