Creating the next T.O., one idiot at a time

Next in line to give Braylon Edwards a self-flagellating slurp job…Bud Shaw.

What he shared has been so obvious for long enough I think he showed restraint in not going door-to-door with a megaphone.

Yeah. Some restraint. Kid plays in seven whole games…can’t get more obvious than that. Give the kid a blog so he can whine 24/7. Shaw continues to amaze.

His timing suffers more because the past two receivers to talk themselves up were knocked down and dragged around Heinz Field as if they got a shoe caught in the saddle. Just because Northcutt and Antonio Bryant talked better games than they played shouldn’t reflect on the No. 3 overall draft pick.

Actually, yes, it should reflect on the No. 3 overall pick, given that just about every top pick the Browns have taken since 1999 has pretty much TANKED. In fact, every Browns top pick should automatically be given the benefit of NO doubt, the Browns should take every top pick and put them in a god damn wheel chair, pretend they are paraplegics, because that’s how low the expectations should be for every damn one of them. Let alone when they start flapping their mouths in response to a media just dying to create a story out of a crappy season, let alone when every other receiver on this team has a smack vs. delivery quotient that is just outta the park.

Man, the sports media in this town must be bored out of its mind. You guys need to get out more…didn’t you know Lebron James plays here? How much whining does he do?

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