Mary Kay Cabot, Braylon, take a page out of T.O.’s book

Mary Kay Cabot in today’s Braylon Edwards story is the story, clearly taking advantage of a young kid who’s having a frustrating year on a bad team, who most certainly would otherwise have not gone down this road but for the fact that Mary Kay is trying to make news.

Browns top pick Braylon Edwards finally said it: Just give me the darn ball.

That’s the only quote I’m taking from the story because he flaps his lips so damn much in this PD interview, it’s impossible to take anything out of it that stands out. He just goes off. And off. And off. And off. He’s like T.O. in training.

And yeah, he finally just “said” it, as if it popped out in a vacuum involuntarily like a belch, and Mary Kay just happened to be there with a tape recorder. Read the story. Mary Kay Cabot clearly is just baiting the kid, sticking a tape recorder in front of his face, hoping he’ll just keep the verbal diarrhea flowing enough to get her story to the front page above the fold of the PD sports section. She places her questions to Braylon in the story without quotes, as if questions fall out of thin air for Braylon, (“Edwards was asked…” really!?!?) as if she isn’t actually creating the story herself, making news rather than covering it. Every question is leading her interviewee all the way, like some cocaine dealer who knows she’s dispensing an addictive drug, i.e. the undivided attention of the media, and she just drips it out, drop by tantalizing drop, until Braylon is flapping his mouth completely out of control.

I like Braylon Edwards, I think he’ll be a weapon in the Browns offense for a long time, and he’s probably the best athlete on this team already. But he should SHUT. HIS. MOUTH. And as for Mary Kay, nice touch. You tryin’ to create another T.O? That’ll get you on ESPN’s Around The Horn, won’t it? When the sports media wrings its hands over these spoiled brats in professional sports, they need to take a long hard look in the mirror…this is precisely how they are created.

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