Browns vs. Steelers liveblog

This is gonna be tough. The Cavs start at 6 pm, the Browns start at 8 pm. What’s a sports blogger to do? I just hope the Cavs put away the Magic by kickoff.

PRE-GAME TAKE – Tempted to think this will be close, because there’s no Roethlisberger, but the Steelers can run the ball better than just about anybody, and they usually do even better than that against the Browns, and that has been a weak spot on this Browns team. I think the Steelers roll.


9.53 1st – Browns score TD on first drive – Browns 7, Steelers 0 – Great drive, great play on a deep pass by Bryant. Nice 2d & goal run by Droughns.

CAVS LEAD IN OT 106-99 WITH 16 SECONDS LEFT. They should win this one. Huge game. Donyell Marshall hits a 3 to get them to OT. Incredible. Final is 108-100, Cavs win. Greatness.

7.22 1st – Browns 7, Steelers 0 – Steelers just drive down the field like the Browns aren’t even there. Was there a 2nd down in that drive? 20 yard TD pass to Heinz Ward, McCutcheon got a hand on it, Ward caught it going out of bounds. Are they reviewing it?

Crennel challenges it, looks to me to be incomplete on the replay…McCutcheon is hurt. How’d that happen? He got kneed in the belly by Ward. Here comes the ref…..NO CATCH.

6.07 1st – BROWNS HOLD ‘EM ON 4TH AND INCHES ON QB SNEAK. What a turnaround.

Dilfer misses a shot to take 14-0 lead by overcooking a pass to a wide open Braylon Edwards on a slant. Punt.

3.02 1st – Nice defensive series, Steelers go 3 & out, punt to the Browns 1 yard line. Yikes.

END OF 1st – Browns 7, Steelers 0. Wow. Browns look pumped for this game. Early defensive nonexistence saved by official review. Great 4th down stop. Droughns looks as good as ever.

13.00 2nd – Browns punt after Dilfer gets tagged on 3rd down running out of the pocket. Almost wanted him to get hurt, so Frye comes in. Didn’t mean that.

8.20 2nd – Browns 7, Steelers 7 – Browns allow what might have been the worst deep ball ever thrown in the NFL this year to go for a big gain. Then it’s all Bettis.

2.11 2nd – Steelers 10, Browns 7 – Whole sequence begins with a Northcutt drop on 3rd down (keep complaining about playing time, big fella), which leads to a punt, which leads to a long drive for a 42 yard FG. Enough with the Hines Ward tributes already.

2 MINUTE WARNING – Browns start about 10 yard line. I’m constantly reminded why I don’t watch ESPN Sunday night football. Theisman is the biggest idiot in the broadcast booth. They constantly snip at each other like a bunch of cat fighting cheerleaders fighting over who gets to sleep with the place kicker.

LOVELY. Theisman says, “This is where you’ll see how good Trent Dilfer is.” Dilfer promptly fails to see a rusher coming right at him, gets hit as he throws, ball flys in the air, is picked off.

0.06 2nd – Steelers 17, Browns 7 – QB sneak after a 2 minute drill that went way too smoothly. Ugh.

HALFTIME – Steelers 17, Browns 7 – TIM’s TAKE? Browns are not good enough to miss opportunities like they’ve missed in this half. Northcutt’s drop was huge. Dilfer is being Dilfer. Hate this broadcast team. Idiots.

13.19 3rd – Steelers 24, Browns 7 – Reverse-option-throw-thingy from Randel El to Ward. Getting ugly. Maddox replacing Batch (hurt his hand) briefly gave me some hope. Briefly.

9.00 3rd – Another Northcutt drop on 3rd down ends another drive & results in another Browns punt. Keep flappin’ your mouth, why don’t ya.

3.28 3rd – Facemask penalty erases the inevitable Maddox pick. We can’t even let Maddox give us a pick.

0.41 3rd – IS ESPN BEING PAID TO PUMP UP DILFER? The idiots in the booth are astonishing. After Dilfer turns around Antonio Bryant, making him reach back for a ball thrown behind him, Bryant gets drilled, fumbles, Steelers recover deep in Browns territory, and Mike Patrick goes “The Steelers [sic] receivers are really hurting Trent Dilfer.” How about the BROWNS QB STINKS.

END OF 3RD – Steelers 24, Browns 7 – TIM’s TAKE? I really want to go to bed.

14.48 4th – Steelers 27, Browns 7 – FG after Maddox fails to complete any passes. Why they threw the ball at all is somewhat confusing. Whatever. At least the Cavs won tonight. In OT no less.

11.42 4th – Steelers take over on downs near 20 yard line. Endless apologia for Dilfer – Mike Patrick again says Edwards should have caught a ball that was clearly thrown out of bounds and uncatchable, it’s a fucking miracle Edwards got up high enough to put a hand on it.

4.23 4th – BLOCKED FG, BROWNS TD. Steelers 27, Browns 14. Taunteth me not, O football gods.

4.20 4th – onside kick ends up Steelers ball at Browns 30 yard line. That’s more like it.

2 MINUTE WARNING – Thank god. Did I mention the Cavs won in overtime?

Steelers score a TD on 4th & goal out of the 2 min. warning. That one’s gonna be remembered. Not a good idea to run up the score fellas. Steelers 34, Browns 14. I don’t think I’ll be the only one who’s gonna remember that one.

0.21 4th qtr – Browns get deep into Steelers territory after a near pick – how Palomalu missed that hand delivered Dilfer pass, I don’t know. From 1st and goal at the 9 yard line, Dilfer proceeds to air mail 3 throws in a row right out of the end zone, then drills Bryant for a TD on 4th down in garbage time. Steelers 34, Browns 21.

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