Implications for Frye, Dilfer, Browns, Leinart, Hawk (?!?!)

I think the biggest news from yesterday’s Browns win is that Trent Dilfer probably kept Charlie Frye on the bench indefinitely. And that starts a lot of dominoes falling. Let’s again look at the schedule.

At Pittsburgh next week. Browns are probably looking at a thumping there, and no matter how bad Dilfer plays, he’s not gonna get most of the blame. Then home to Miami and at Minnesota, two games I think we’ll win. Suddenly the Browns are 5-6. No reason to change QB’s now.

Plus, at 5 wins, you are not looking at the top pick in the draft in 2006. You’re lookin’ more at the 4th, 5th, 6th pick. So the argument that you need to see Charlie Frye in order to decide whether or not you take Matt Leinart with the first pick is moot. You won’t have the opportunity. No franchise QB no-brainers still on the board at that point. So the Browns really have no incentive at all to play Charlie Frye.

In fact, if I’m picking at that spot on the board, forget about offense…I’m hoping that OSU linebacker AJ Hawk is still around. How good would he look in a Browns uniform?

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