Ohio State dominates Illinois – computer doesn’t care

I can’t decide which is the bigger outrage…the fact that the Buckeyes lost two games they should have won this year, or the fact that the BCS is such a ridiculous way to decide a national champion.

This debate over BCS vs. playoffs is not one I pay much attention to. But right about this time of year, the complete insanity of having some formula decide rankings of football teams really starts to grate. As of this weekend, the only team to really challenge Texas was the Buckeyes. Who wouldn’t want to see a rematch in a playoff? It would probably be the most watched game in the last 30 years. Instead…some guy is doing data entry right now, another guy is packing up the Texas road uniforms for Pasadena, and another guy is counting how much money goes to both teams. That’s how we decide the national champion?

There are 12 minutes left in the OSU game as of the moment I press the “publish” button on this post, and the score is 40-2, Buckeyes. The BCS takes almost every ounce of air out of such a victory.

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